To Be
A cross-genre performance in collaboration
with the composer Guido Mallardi.
TV interviews and newspaper articles.


Meeting with Axel Selbach the CEO of ASM – Wermelskirchen

I contacted many German high-tech companies, among them FAG and Vorwerk. FAG Kugelfischer invited me to their branch office in Wuppertal with their large training centre. The result was an exciting conversation. They would have liked to work together with me, technical difficulties made this impossible. Incredible, however, was a lack of expertise in the requested areas.

In the end, I found a partner in the highly specialized medium-sized company ASM in Wermelskirchen. They cooperate with the aerospace and automotive industry and have much experience with complex manufacturing processes and prototyping.
We are working on a great project in Berlin not far from the Brandenburg Gate. I would like to reveal just one thing at this point: It will be a column-like sculpture, about 4.5 m high, which will probably be installed in spring next year.

Stay tuned!

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