About Surveying the World

Wandering through deep forests I got touched by the space, the light and shadow changing every single moment trough sun position, weather and changing seasons. This work series presents my artistic aim to catch these impressions in sculpture.

In my artistic work I have thus far focused on the sculpture in relation to alternating digital and analogue processes. I have also studied various possibilities of interweaving virtuality with the tangible reality.
With this new group of works I am dealing with the changed realities of an ever more digitalized and virtualized world. The digital capture and dissemination of data changes our perception of reality.
The concepts presented here are my first steps into the exploration of this reality, which is increasing in intensity and dynamism.

The surveying of the world, as humanity has always done, has given way to a screening or rather a continuous scanning. Satellites and more recently drones deliver detailed images that are transmitted and available in real time. There is no dark spot, no unmeasured point, no place that we cannot walk through virtually.
This new reality is followed by a shift of our perception of nature from the intimate to the public, from the unknown to the knowledgeable rationality, from the divine to materialism.

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