Digitality, Analogity and Working Across Genres

Photographed space as a starting point

For me as an artist it was a logical conclusion to take a camera and capture real and tangible spaces. It allows an accurate and extensive collection of visual information, that defines a space at a specific period. I started creating photographic series in my neighbourhood the forest of Bergisches Land. The here presented photographs are mainly nature and landscapes.

Sculpture as projected photography

For me as a sculptor, the idea of whether it is possible to translate the stylistic idiom of photography into sculpture is very interesting and motivating.
Through alternating complex analogue and digital processes, I convert the brightness values of the single pixels of digitalized photography into a height profile. Digital sculptural work is necessary to define a sculpture and to create a file suitable for the milling process. A CNC milling machine then carves the form out of a material block – resulting in an analogue sculpture.
Light and shadow shapes that manifest themselves in the material through their concave and convex shapes, always changing through time, weather conditions and environmental factors, remain recognisable in their effect, similar to the initial condition of photographed space.

Sculpture is transformed on the ground of human dimension. That is architecture and will open the way for people to stride through it. The interactions of my artistic work processes lead to new sculptural perceptions and experiences, but finally to sculpture or architecture in the traditional sense.

I developed new approaches of virtual sculpture. You can see the progress on this website under the corresponding menu item.

Process-Determining Factors

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